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Beautiful, Sleek, & Durable Metal Roofing in Tulsa, OK

Top quality sheet metal roofing repair & installation in Tulsa & Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

If you are among the growing number of people out there considering a metal roof, then you have found just the place for all of your questions and concerns. Our licensed & insured roofers are just as experienced and knowledgeable working with and installing metal roofing as they are with more conventional roof styles. We are here for all of your metal needs including:


  • Metal Roof Installation, Repair, & Replacement
  • 22 Metal Roof Colors to Choose From!
  • 29 Metal Roof Styles!
  • One Time or Regular Metal Roof Cleaning/Maintenance
  • And More!

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We offer free and honest estimates on any and all of your metal roofing needs and will be happy to send out a roofing contractor of ours to help you decide if this is the choice for you. We won’t leave until you are confident and any and all of your questions or concerns are addressed.

Built to Last & Make Your Home Stand Out

A common misconception in regards to metal is the concern of a limited number of styles and colors that are available and that is just completely untrue.

Just like the roofing supplies & materials that we use for more conventional asphalt roofing shingles, we selected what we have found to be the highest quality and most reliable brand for our metal roofing.

The brand we have chosen and offer here at Dillon’s is Berridge, which offers a huge variety of both styles and metal roof colors.

Why Berridge?

Now that you have seen some of the options that we offer as far as styles and colors go for metal roofing, what other benefits are there?

For one, knowing how to install metal roofing helps make sure that you are maximizing both the lifespan, and potential protection that these were designed to give. Roof cleaning and regular maintenance will be a thing of the past as these are designed to withstand any normal weather conditions with ease.

In addition to protection, our metal roofs can be installed right over current roof types. This not only adds extra protection, it eliminates the need to throw away all of the leftover building materials and waste.

Guaranteed protection and environmentally friendly; what’s not to love?

You won’t find another roofing company with as many options for as many types of roofs that we have! If you’re worried about the metal roof cost then give us a call and have one of our guys come out and talk over some options at absolutely no cost; you have nothing to lose when you go with Dillons!